We pride ourselves on providing total Air Conditioning solutions, from design, installation and complete facilities management of commercial and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems.

In business, reliable, cost-efficient cooling is not an option. It’s an absolute necessity.

Whether you’re looking to keep a workforce cool and productive, or need to ensure optimal conditions for heat-sensitive material, our commercial air conditioners get the job done.

Air conditioning requirements differ from business to business. For example, a retail environment with people constantly moving around needs a different air conditioning design to an office, where people are generally sitting for most of the day.

A restaurant owner who purchases the wrong wall-mounted unit may quickly discover it is impractical to use as the tables and customers near the system get too cold while the machine tries to cool the whole room.

It is important that each environment is assessed to ensure you receive the best air conditioning for your business.

We offer a full range of state-of-the-art, high-efficiency cooling options from reputable manufacturers, including market leader Daikin.


Design Techniques

It is no longer acceptable to simply keep an occupied space at a ‘near enough’ temperature. Our designs incorporate accurate temperature maintenance, appropriate airflows and fresh air changes to meet the building codes, along with excellent filtration to ensure the air you breathe is as fresh as we can deliver it.

We also incorporate modern equipment features such as heat recovery units and system economisers to keep the power consumed to a minimum.


Industry Verticals

Our design team deal with the custom requirements of our clients. We design reliable and efficient systems that have been used in:
  • Computer suits and service rooms
  • Large commercial open plan work environments
  • Aged care facilities
  • Highly sensitive armed forces administration areas
  • Dental and doctor suites


Thermal Solutions offers complete design and installation service for your home. Whether you own a modest dwelling or a large residence, we can tailor an air conditioning system to suit your family home.

We have completed many small and large residential projects from a small room that was 10 metres square to very large residences in excess of 1,000 metres square.

We will provide the design that suits your requirements and only install quality equipment that provides real value and excellent ongoing cost of ownership.

Thermal Solutions is a fully accredited Daikin sales and service agent. That means we can deliver the best brand of air conditioner in the world to your home, at extremely competitive rates. Plus after we finish installing the high quality units, we are technically trained to provide fast and efficient service backup, in the unlikely event it is needed.

Recent Projects

Ryman Retirement Village

Design and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems in large residential retirement villages across multiple locations. Our systems are designed to ensure all residents are comfortable and safe. From car-park exhaust gas removal to smoke suppression, we have it covered.

Whenuapai Air Base

This is a complex environment with MILSPEC process cooling in a critical environment, open plan chilled water systems and energy reduction through heat reclaim humidity control (P3 & C130 SIM’S). But it’s all under control!


Visy PET (NZ) Ltd

Plastic blow molding process cooling and humidity control systems, chilled water reticulation design and build, bespoke control systems and cooling tower installation and maintenance. A complete solution for a complex manufacturing environment.


Evans Home, Auckland

A modern, large format home with open plan living spaces. All accommodated with a quality Daikin solution.

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